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A Real Time Saver

To begin with, we've already supplied a Cabinet Library you can use, as is, or bulk alter to suit your individual preferences.

For Designers, Manufacturers

Not only can you showcase a 3D design to your clients, we also include the tools required to convert the design into a finished, manufactured kitchen.

Human Support, Tutorials

Installation and setup support, support forums as well as helping to toubleshoot problems either via email or TeamViewer. Online tutorial here.

Free Trial

To determine whether this software is a right fit for you, we offer a 30 day trial, risk free.

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3DK Direct is a powerful tool for your kitchen design/ build
or shopfitting business


This 3d kitchen design software offers seamless design/ parts calculation/ costing/ and material optimizing…

  • Boosting your sales – by improving client relations and presentation
  • Lifting your productivity – by huge time savings and cost reduction through automation
  • Increasing profit at your current business volume, or growing your business to the next level

Our kitchen design tool is for small firms through to large manufacturing chains. It requires only basic computer skills and comes with detailed ‘how to’ video instructions.

Compared to other kitchen design software…

  • 3DK Direct is simpler and quicker to learn and use
  • Is more flexible with extra customization options
  • Has greater accuracy in the detail

Our Team

Our experienced sales and technical staff, including qualified cabinet makers, have been developing a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry through interaction with clients over 20 years.

This all means our 3D kitchen design-build software has been well tested and refined, so clients can have confidence in a mature, reliable, well-backed product.


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Our Products

Design only, or Design & Manufacturing

 Whether your starting out and just want to do design, or into advanced manufacturing, we have a package for you.

3DK Direct is a seamless integrated kitchen design and build program suite — simple, easy, flexible, and… accurate. It will improve your client liaison and sales response, save you time and effort, and transform your cost-efficiency… lifting your bottom line.

It only requires basic computer knowledge and has independent stand-alone applications that don’t need any other software to run them – other than Windows (XP or later). 3DK Direct can grow with your kitchen design-build business as you expand with new machinery and methods.

The Pro-Design Package
(Design only)

With this kitchen design software package, just click and drag your cabinets into your kitchen floor plan, customize sizes, then show elevations and realistic 3d views to your client.

A cabinet library is provided to get you started, you can customise these, or create to your own specifications to suit.

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The Pro-Custom Package
(Design & Manufacture)

Includes Pro-Design

Once you’ve created your kitchen design, your production information is automatically generated in minutes with all the detail you need. You have total control down to the individual parts level. Then just tweak a few things to finalize it for manufacture and assembly.

You get…

  • A cutting list in optional easy-to-read printable formats (with cabinet numbering system referenced to floor plan)
  • Material quantity requirements – board material, hardware, and edge tape, etc.
  • Material – optimized board cutting layout – minimizing waste and tailored to your exact manufacturing scheme
  • Fully detailed costing reports including material and labor requirements
  • Printed quotation showing all the information your client will need to sign up

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The Pro-Toolpath Package
(CNC Manufacturing)

Includes Pro-Design & Pro-Custom

Enables communication between your design and CNC nesting machine, automatically producing accurate cutting, shaping and drilling details. This feature provides for true shape nesting, thus providing the best material yield.

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