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3DKDirect Ltd has opportunities for technically focussed people who would enjoy the challenge of making the 3DKDirect suite of applications available, with an emphasis on CNC machinery integration.

This opportunity would most likely suit an existing customer, who, for whatever reasons would prefer to sell to, and set up other businesses with the tools and processes to manufacture kitchens.

The basic products are available relatively cheaply on-line and able to be installed and configured by a motivated, intelligent person with experience in the joinery industry with only remote support, however, setting up the CNC based workflow is less trivial especially as it may involve interfacing with previously unknown (to us) machinery, for which yet another driver needs to be written. (Generic machines are far better for this sort of stuff since their manufacturers tend to stick to standards.)

For this reason, and the greater time and care involved in set-up, it is required that installations involving CNC machinery would be handled by a local representative. The role would most likely suit someone who has already setup this kind of software and is familiar with the processes involved.

This software has been setup within many locations within Australia and New Zealand, we have noticed that our most successful representatives have often run their own kitchen manufacturing businesses, selling to, and assisting other businesses enables a means of passing on what knowledge they have amassed over time.

While the basic products are moving online, that involving CNC integration is not, for the foreseeable future owing to the complexities involved, and the requirement that people with a deep understanding of the setup process be available to resolve the issues involved till mastered.

If you are interested in your own business in this area outlined then we are always willing to hear from you.