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This package includes the complete design suite contained in the ProDesign package, plus the ‘engine’ to convert the design into an executable project including parts calculation, material optimization, and costing for the client. The outputs include…


Cutting Lists – for all the items you need

  • You get a choice of multiple easy-to-read printable formats – by material type, color, cabinet, etc.
  • Cabinet numbering system linked to the floor plan.
  • When you change cabinet size, components are automatically adjusted with 100% accuracy.
  • Specify edge banding details to get both ‘cut’ and ‘finished’ sizes.
  • Get a separate report for ‘buy-in’ doors (externally sourced).

Sample Images - Costing & Cutlists:

Costing & Cutlists - Cutlist by Cabinet Costing & Cutlists - Cutlist by Material Costing & Cutlists - Cabinet List
Cutlist by Cabinet Cutlist by Material Cabinet List


Material Cut-Out Layout – optimized for minimum wastage

  • This drawing shows component parts laid out in the most material-efficient way, allowing for wood grain direction.
  • Allows modification for different cutting methods such as rip-cut or cross-cut optimizing to suit your machinery.
  • Edge details and component dimensions are shown.
  • Labels can be printed to identify parts and mark where edging material is to be applied.

Sample Images - Layout:

Layout Diagram

Layout Diagram

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Layout Labels

Printed Labels


Costing Reports – for accurate pricing right down to the dollar

  • Shows all material – broken down to edges, accessories, and extras.
  • Labour – broken down to cutting, edging, assembling, and finishing.

Sample Images - Costing & Cutlists

Cabinet Cost Summary Cabinet List - All Parts Hardware
Cabinet Cost Summary Cabinet List - All Parts Hardware


Client Proposal – laying it all out clearly to make the ‘go-ahead’ easy

  • Accurately price your design knowing the exact costs involved.
  • Nothing is missed: includes all necessary items including board material quantity, hinges, drawer runners, soft-close drawers, screws, PVC edges, etc.
  • Accessory items can be quickly added to complete the picture.
  • Everything the client needs to make their decision and sign up!

Sample Images - Costing & Cutlists:

Job Summary Client Proposal  
Job Summary Client Proposal  


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