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Pro-Design Package


This kitchen design program package is a suite of 4 applications that create a kitchen floor plan, elevations, and 3D impressions. You can get the life-like detail exact to your requirements – right down to color patterns and wood grains.

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Detailed video instructions

Video tutorials and worked examples are supplied to show you step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use these programs.

An online video tutorial is available here


Kitchen Scene Editor Program – showing the complete vision

With this kitchen layout software tool, you can quickly set up your kitchen floor plan with doors and windows. Then drag and drop ready-designed cabinets from the library (or customize your own) along with stove and fridge, etc.

Then adjust sizes and positions, finishing off with a counter top in the exact shape required. Next click on the elevation view and 3D perspective to see how it all looks.

Then show your client and discuss. Make required changes and demonstrate to their satisfaction. All set for production!

This kitchen layout software (kitchen planning software) is the master program of the suite which you’ll use the most.

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Cabinet Editor Program – building your library of cabinet products

An extensive library of commonly used cabinets is already supplied to get you started. You can customize any model of cabinet according to client needs – then export to the Kitchen Scene Editor program.

Working with this kitchen cabinet design software is like building real cabinets – where you create the required components and put them all together.

Define a new cabinet by selecting a category, shape, toe kick, and dimensions, then add shelves, panels, doors, glass, etc. Finish off with handles, wood grain textures or other pattern. You can also get images from a manufacturer’s website or a good camera.

You’ll use this kitchen cabinet design software a lot until you build up your cabinet library. You can create cabinets as required job-by-job, but after a while the same cabinets will work for a variety of clients with just a little extra customization.

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Pattern Editor Program – getting exactly the right decor

This program enables you to customize wood grain, paneling, and surface patterns, plus handles to create the exact look of your products. Your clients can see what their kitchen will really look like – so you won’t have any miscommunication, surprises, or disappointment to deal with.

This program is actually seldom needed as a wide variety of patterns are already provided.


Global Changer Program – making across-the board changes easy

This program is employed to modify cabinets in bulk, mostly for initial setup. The most common need is to adjust standard cabinet heights to fit your business practice.

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