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This package includes the complete design suite contained in the ProDesign package, plus the ‘engine’ to convert the design into an executable project including parts calculation, material optimization, and costing for the client in the Pro-Custom page.

In addition you can connect directly to your CNC nesting equipment for fast and accurate production of all your design details including cutting, routing and drilling.


The specific CNC features provided with 3D ToolPath are…

  • Nesting – Firstly 3D ToolPath is NOT machine specific. This means you can connect to any CNC nesting machine with our software. The machine choice is up to you. There are 9 main considerations…
    • Cutting parts – 3D Toolpath provides for “True Shape” nesting. This means that you are getting maximum yield for your stock sheets.
      • Shaped parts are interlocked to achieve best material yield
      • Additionally 3D ToolPath creates a “small part” strategy which requires small parts to be cut first giving parts stability on your cutting bed.
      • Parts within parts - you can also use cut-outs from larger parts to cut smaller parts lowering your waste even further
      • Onion skinning - If your CNC machine requires this to generate neat and clean cuts, this is a strategy that makes 2 passes to cut your components.
    • Cutting strategies – 3D ToolPath produces cutting and drilling sequences automatically to create fast and accurate operations. You can also place all operations in the order you want them to run.
    • Automatic drawer drilling – change your cabinet heights and the drawer drilling positions alter automatically.
    • Automatic drawer depth – change your cabinet depths and the drawer base depths adjust automatically to correct drawer specifications.
    • Customizing – 3D ToolPath has a very simple graphical user interface which shows you precisely what your output will be cabinet by cabinet and panel by panel. Parts templates are NOT required as all shaping and drilling is produced directly from within 3D Kitchen.
    • RunTime – before you finally send your job to your CNC machine 3D ToolPath gives you the opportunity to view on screen all cabinet and all panels. Here youcan easily and graphically modify ANY operation including such powerful abilities as changing a square panel to any other shape. So you may for example take a square shelf from a square cabinet and convert it to a U shape. This type of process is very useful and takes only a few seconds, showing you the precise results on screen.
    • Batching Jobs – Pass multiple jobs through 3D ToolPath, combine them together for even greater material efficiency. Even if these jobs contain varying materials, they are automatically separated into material categories. No need to process materials one at a time. All materials are correctly processed in a single operation.
    • Tooling and Processings – 3D ToolPath lets you assign tool compensation, speeds, feeds, cutting sequences, onion skinning, in fact you have complete control over all machining operations. These details are presented in a very easy to use and understand format.
      • Comprehensive tooling setup screens – lets you precisely specify your tooling requirements. This detail can be specified for any operation you require, then saved and applied to any subsequent job.
      • Importantly 3D ToolPath automatically applies these saved operations to the correct panels and drilling points on every future job, unless you specify something different for the particular job.
    • Cad/Cams – 3D ToolPath comes in several versions to suit your processing requirements and budget…
      • Entry Level (1)
        • processes jobs automatically from 3D Kitchen according to the processing details set within 3D kitchen.
        • allows a 2D simulation of your final output
      • Level (2)
        • as above but includes the ability to draw unique one off parts and apply specific cutting, shaping, and drilling details.
        • parts created can be saved as templates for further use/modifications
        • apply Text to parts
        • allows viewing of a 3D rendered simulation of your final output
      • Level (3)
        • as above but includes ability to create these parts with 3 dimensional relief and textures to parts.


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