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Tutorial - Design to Manufacturing

This is the main tutorial that teaches the use of the 3DKDirect suite of applications to bring an initial design concept through to a finished, manufactured article.

Knowledge base

A distillation of common issues and their solution.


These are the main support forums where aspects of the softwares operation can be discussed.

The support we supply is mainly self service through the support forums, the tutorial, or email. Where interesting cases are solved through email, we are likely to post the solutions into the knowledge base in order to benefit others who may experiencing the same issues.

After purchase we provide 90 days of free support in order to get you started, thereafter we provide live support should you require it on a per incident basis.

Paid support is via remote assistance software, where you can request a live person to login and analyse whats happening then recommend a course of action.

For users who are trialling the products through our 30 day free trial, we realise that sometimes 30 days just isn't enough time to evaluate and arrive at a quality decision. You may request a time extension through our "Contact Us" page.

For live assistance you can view our online status below. ↓

Live Assistance via TeamViewer

For support where we log onto your PC remotely, please download this remote support application TeamViewerQS.exe, run it, and provide the support technician with the "Your ID" number displayed.

Note, if you are already running on your workstation a version of TeamViewer greater than 7, you will need to close it and run this one, since mixed versions aren't compatible.